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New Baseball Bat standards

The season starts shortly! Before you buy a new bat for your baseball player, please make sure you are aware of  the new bat rules set by Little League Baseball. 


A guide to the new rules are set forth in the link below- in short, any bat that will be used this season in any of the baseball divisions (including teeball) must be stamped with the USA Baseball logo. In almost all cases, bats used last season will not be allowed this season- there is some exclusion for bats in the teeball division (that are 26" in length or below), however, these bats must have a sticker which certifies the bat. 


As a member of Little League Baseball, AVLL is required to follow these standards set by Little League International and USA Baseball.

Please note these changes do not effect the softball program!


Here is the link to answer any questions you have:



by posted 03/08/2018





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